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APA in Europe

Our online resource,, provides the technical information you need for using North American engineered wood products in Europe.

This includes a comprehensive ‘Official Guidelines’ section which explains the requirements under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and the European Timber Regulation.  It will also help you check how APA trademarked products comply with the latest European standards, providing details on the main standards for wood-based panels, including news about any official revisions.

For more information, start with our information wizard and then try additional APA resources:

APA’s Global Technical Support Desk: Engineered wood experts are available to answer your questions about the specification and application of APA products. Ask a question online or call APA on 001 253 620 7400. APA’s primary website is your link to in-depth design and building support, including a library of nearly 500 publications available for free instant download.

www.apacad.orgAPACAD provides more than 200 free CAD details for wood-frame construction. Details available  in DWG, DWF, DXF and PDF format.  Wood University is an online educational portal featuring free courses about engineered wood products and applications.  It is an approved continuing professional development provider for the American Institute of Architects (AIA)  and American Institute of Building Design (AIBD).

APA’s history

APA is a non-profit trade association that has grown and evolved with the engineered wood industry. It is based in Tacoma on the edge of the softwood forests of the Pacific Northwest of America. APA member mills produce the majority of engineered wood  products manufactured in North America — including structural plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), glued laminated (glulam) timber, wood I-joists and composite structural lumber such as laminated veneer lumber (LVL).

Robust ISO 9000 quality testing and auditing

APA member mills operate under one of the most stringent third-party quality control testing and certification programmes in the global structural wood products industry.  Rather than relying on testing the finished product, the scheme focuses on setting standards of excellence through every stage of production in each member mill. This approach, based on the internationally respected ISO 9000, has been applied with considerable success in other industries, including the automotive, steel and consumer electronics fields.

The association maintains a 42,000 square-foot research unit at its corporate headquarters.  This centre of excellence has gained a reputation for creating and improving glued engineered wood products and construction systems for use throughout the world.   APA also has three quality-testing laboratories in key wood product producing regions, with a team of experienced auditors. The quality of APA’s third party certification for its member mills is reflected in the acceptance of APA products and their applications by international regulatory bodies, including the European Standards Organisations.

 The APA trademark

The APA trademark is the manufacturer’s assurance that the product conforms to manufacturing and product performance standards shown on the trademark. The mark appears only on products manufactured by APA members committed to APA’s rigorous programme of quality inspection and testing. The trademark also carries details of the product’s properties and intended uses.