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Relevant EU Standards for OSB

The main OSB standard  is: EN 300: Oriented Strand Boards (OSB) – Definitions, classification and specifications.  However, all OSB products  used in European construction must comply with the overall standard for wood-based panels, EN 13986: 2004+A1 2015, now updated (key amendments).

OSBStandards to determine OSB panel performance characteristics:
OSB Use Classes – Additional Guidance

Specific information on the application of Use Classes to OSB was not included in the updated EN 335:2013 (although it did originally appear in the now withdrawn EN 335-3:1995). It is still available from APA.

Seven other relevant standards for using OSB in Europe:

EN 319: Particleboards and fibreboards – Determination of tensile strength perpendicular to the plane of the board

EN 717-1 & EN717-2: Wood-based Panels – Determination of Formaldehyde Release

EN 789: Timber structures – Test methods – Determination of mechanical properties of wood-based panels

EN 1058: Wood-based panels – Determination of characteristic 5 percentile values and characteristic mean values

EN 12369-1: Wood-based Panels – Characteristic Value for Structural Design – OSB, particleboard and fibreboards

EN 12871: Wood-based panels – Performance specifications and requirements for load bearing boards for use in floors, walls and roofs

CEN/TS 12872: Wood-based panels – Guidance on the use of load-bearing boards in floors, walls and roofs