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Relevant EU Standards for APA Plywood

The (updated) harmonised European Standard enabling the CE marking of plywood is EN 13986:2004+A1:2015  Wood-based panels for use in construction – Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking.

PlywoodStandards used when designing with plywood:
    • Eurocode 5 i.e. EN 1995-1-1 : Design of timber structures – General – Common rules and rules for building.  This gives the rules for timber products when used in the design of construction works.
    • Performance characteristics for specific applications.
    • EN 13986 gives the performance characteristics needed for plywood to meet the requirements of the (updated) EN 636: 2012 Plywood – Specification.
    • Specific requirements of EN 636 for general purpose use and for structural (load bearing) applications in dry, humid and exterior conditions as well as a classification based on bending properties.
The eight other construction standards are:
  • EN 636: Plywood – Specification
  • EN 314-2: Plywood – Bond Quality – Requirements
  • EN 717-1 & EN717-2: Wood-based Panels – Determination of Formaldehyde Release
  • EN 789: Timber structures – Test methods – Determination of mechanical properties of wood-based panels
  • EN 1058: Wood-based panels – Determination of characteristic 5 percentile values and characteristic mean values
  • EN 12369-2: Wood-based Panels – Characteristic Values for Structural Design – Plywood
  • EN 12871 (now updated): Wood-based panels – Performance specifications and requirements for load bearing boards for use in floors, walls and roofs
  • CEN/TS 12872: Wood-based panels – Guidance on the use of load-bearing boards in floors, walls and roofs.