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Operators and Traders  under the EUTR

The European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) puts obligations on businesses who trade in timber and timber related products. It applies to timber originating in the domestic (EU) market, as well as from third (non-EU) countries such as North America. This information shall be kept for at least five years and be provided for checks if requested.

Those who trade in timber fall into the following two categories:

  • operators
  • traders

Operators are any (natural or legal) person first placing timber on the EU market. They must maintain records of any traders that they supply timber to.  They must implement a due diligence system to minimise the risk of putting illegal timber or any of its derived products on the market.  This has to incorporate:

  • information gathering
  • risk assessment and risk mitigation activities.

An operator’s customers and those further down the supply chain are defined as Traders.  These are any (natural or legal) person who sells or buys timber products that have already been placed on the EU market. They must maintain records of:

  • the company which supplied the products
  • their own customers obtaining wood-based panels from them.