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Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)

PEFC’s Chain of Custody certification is a mechanism for tracking certified material from the forest to the final product to ensure that the wood, wood fibre or non-wood forest produce contained in the product or product line can be traced back to certified forests.

PEFC requires certification bodies, auditors and the process of certification and accreditation to comply with all the respective ISO standards and guides.

The updated 2013 PEFC Chain of Custody standard with its integral PEFC Due Diligence System is fully aligned with the EUTR and all PEFC certified companies are now required to implement this standard.

This also forms a viable option for currently uncertified companies, independent of whether they are already subject to the Regulation or wishing to prepare for future business opportunities with EU based customers.

However, certification is not proof of legality.  PEFC certified companies remain solely responsible for compliance with the EUTR.

The updated PEFC standard provides:

  • An expanded definition of controversial sources to include EUTR specific requirements such as compliance with trade and customs legislation in addition to legislation relating to international, national or local legislation concerning forest related activities.
  • Additional information requirements on tree species and origin to satisfy information needs of various legislative and regulatory processes such as the EUTR.
  • The PEFC Due Diligence is now an integral element of the PEFC Chain of Custody standard and mandatory for all certified entities and all material, including certified material.
  • Enhanced scope of prohibited material to include conflict timber.