Section Contents

EN 13986:2004+A1:2015 - Key Amendments

The key updates cover:

  • Racking resistance, Embedment strength and Air permeability added in Tables 1 – 7. The introduction into Tables 1 – 7 of permeability.
  •  Normative References of standards now includes:
    • EN 383 Timber structures – Test methods – Determination of embedment strength and foundation values for dowel type fasteners
    • EN 12114 Thermal performance of buildings – Air permeability of building components and building elements – Laboratory test method.
  •  The addition of new sub-clauses:
    • 15.3 Racking resistance (wall sheathing on studs)
    • A new sub-clause 4.8 dealing with dangerous substances in addition to those previously covered in the standard
    • Clause 5, Table 8 has been expanded to include a variety of end use conditions
    • Clause 6 Assessment and verification of constancy of performance and of Annex ZA has been updated to reflect the terminology and requirements of the Construction Products Regulation.