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EN 13986 : 2004 +A1:2015

Wood-based panels for use in construction – Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking

EN 13986 is the harmonised European standard for wood-based panels.  It defines the performance characteristic and test methods for wood-based panels (including plywood, OSB and LVL) enabling their use in construction applications. Compliance confers a presumption of ‘fitness for purpose’ for a particular, intended end use.

A series of tables lists the relevant performance characteristics for load-bearing (structural) and non-structural applications for the dry, humid and exterior environments.  Updated plywood tables; OSB; LVL.

Key sections to review include:

  • Specific 2015 amendments include racking resistance, embedment strength, air permeability; additional info on dangerous substances and terminology reflecting CPR requirements.
  • The system of assessment and verification of constancy of performance with compliance demonstrated by factory production control, determination of product type, initial factory inspection and continuous surveillance of the factory production control. Certificate of conformity and Declaration of Conformity.
  • Trademarks; CE marking (Annex ZA (informative) Section ZA.3 covers the CE marking of panels).

Relevant standard and performance characteristics for use in structural and non-structural applications in the various service environments:

Table showing end use and service conditions for wood-based panels

 EN 13986 (Table Nos.)  End Use and Service Conditions
1 For internal use as structural components in dry1   conditions
2 For internal (or protected external) use as structural   components inn humid2 conditions
3 For external3 use as structural components
4 For internal  use as non-structural components in dry1 conditions
5 For internal (or protected external) use as non-structural components in humid2 conditions
6 For external3 use as non-structural components
7 For use as structural floor decking on joists in dry1,   humid2 or external3 conditions
For use as structural roof decking on joists in dry1,   humid2 or external3 conditions
For use as structural wall sheathing on studs in dry1, humid2 or external3 conditions
Note: 1 service class 1; 2 service class 2 (See EN 636 Table 13 for definitions);  3 service class 3