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European Technical Assessment for I Joists

There is currently no harmonised European standard for I-joists so manufacturers have to apply for a European Technical Assessment.   This is made through a Technical Assessment Body (TAB) to the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA).

I JoistsThe ETA provides a way for the manufacturer to CE-mark a product.  For I-Joists, it provides information about the performance of a construction product to be declared in relation to its essential characteristics.

An ETA is issued on the basis of a European Assessment Document (EAD).  This sets down the  procedures needed to fulfil this under the new Construction Products Regulation.

EADs are replacing the old Guideline for European Technical Approval of Light Composite Wood-based Beams and Columns which currently still defines I-Joists (etag-011-en.pdf).  An EAD for I-joists will be implemented by December 2020. Until then, the ETAG 011 will continue to be used as the harmonised technical specification.