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Construction Products Regulation

New rules for placing Declarations of Performance (DoP) Info on websites

  • The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) set down new legal responsibilities for manufacturers, importers and suppliers.
  • Under the CPR, it is now mandatory for all wood-based products to be CE marked.  This is a key change for those EU countries, including the UK, where CE marking had previously been voluntary.
  • It introduced a requirement for a Declaration of Performance (DoP).  This is the main source of information about a specific manufacturer’s product and details the performance characteristics of the product for its intended end-use.
  • DoPs can now be made available by manufacturers on their website to make it easier for companies to comply with CPR documentation.
  • Since it introduced the CPR, the EU has introduced greater flexibility for manufacturers to meet the requirements of different kinds of construction products when drawing up a DoP.  FAQ Annex III to CPR 28.5.2014 (1)
  • The CPR introduced  seven ‘Basic Requirements for Construction Works’ (BRCW), two of which define relevant product-specific information involving the life-cycle approach.  The greatest environmental impact will come from the new BRCW No. 7 which deals with the sustainable use of natural resources and the expansion of BRCW No. 3 to cover the reduction of life-cycle impacts of greenhouse gases.
  • A new system to assess product conformity has been introduced: the ‘Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance’ (AVCP) with five new categories.
  • New: Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP) = 1+,  1,  2+,  3 & 4 systems.
  • Replaced: Attestation of Conformity (AoC) = 1+,  1,  2+,  2,  3 & 4 systems.
  • Product marked under AVCP system CE 2+ for structural use can also be used for non-structural applications. However, products marked under AVCP system CE 4 can only be used for non-structural applications.
  • Specific APA Member mills supply products carrying CE marking under
    • AVCP CE 2+ (structural) and
    • CE 4 (non-structural)

A useful guide has been jointly prepared by the Construction Products Association, British Board of Agrément, British Standards Institution and FBE Management.