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US Panel Product Standards

US wood panel product manufacturers follow the Voluntary Product Standards developed under procedures published by the Department of Commerce in Procedures for the Development of Voluntary Product Standards.  Two product standards govern the manufacture of US wood-based panel products:

APA-trademarked plywood  panels are covered by PS 1-09 and PS 2-10  and OSB is manufactured to the US PS 2-10.

APA has its own Performance-Rated Panel Standard – PRP 108. This is similar to the US PS 2-10 and some mills still identify the APA standard on their trademarked panels.

The term Voluntary Product Standard (VPS) is currently being used to identify all voluntary standards that are now published under procedures published by the Department of Commerce in Part 10, Title 15, of the Code of Federal Regulations. VPS standards are intended to establish nationally recognized requirements for products and to provide all concerned interest with a basis for common understanding of the characteristics of the products. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) administers the VPS programme.