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Oriented Strand Board

OSBOSB produced by APA member mills is manufactured to US Voluntary Product Standard PS2 – Performance Standard for Wood-based Structural-Use Panels.  The current version is PS 2-10.

US PS 2 sets the performance requirements for both OSB and plywood, based on the panels intended end use. The advantage of a wood structural panel performance standard is that it provides a common baseline of performance for all panel types, regardless of the manufacturing method.  This is different from a prescriptive standard which defines minimum manufacturing requirements that cannot be varied.  This performance approach is also taken by European Standards for wood-based panel products.

The standard establishes structural criteria for assessing the acceptability of OSB panels for use in load-bearing applications such as wall or roof sheathing and flooring use.  It covers the performance requirements, adhesive bond performance, panel construction and workmanship, dimensions and tolerances, marking and moisture content for structural use panels.

APA Performance Rated OSB has satisfied various test requirements for use as a structural panel in constructing buildings.  It also indicates that the same panels can be utilised very successfully for non-building purposes as some of the performance requirements necessary for use in building are also applicable for use in industrial applications e.g. the uniform load requirement for flooring is also a requirement for pallet decks, or the racking performance of panels used for wall sheathing is also important when producing pack cases, especially if the contents are going to be of high value.

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