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APA’s Guide to Concrete Formwork

APA’s recently updated publication Concrete Forming Design/Construction Guide is intended for architects, engineers and contractors.

Formwork is a structure, usually temporary, used to contain and mould poured concrete; and also to provide support until the concrete has set. It represents almost half the cost of a concrete structure and requires detailed engineering skills to ensure the final construction aesthetically matches the form that shapes it.

Concrete form panels certified by APA have an Exterior bond classification and are only made from certain wood species and veneer grades to assure high performance.

Concrete Forming

Concrete Forming

APA Plyform is a structural plywood specifically engineered and manufactured for use as concrete formwork.  It conforms to or exceeds the exacting requirements given in the US Voluntary Product Standard PS 1-09 (Section 5: Requirements).  It is available in three classes:

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