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Types of APA Concrete Forming Plywood Panels

This information is adapted from APA’s Concrete Forming Design/Construction Guide, which includes examples of specific APA trademarked panels.  Further information can be obtained from APA’s engineered wood experts. Ask a question online or call APA on 001 253 620 7400.

All APA Plyform concrete form panels are Exterior classification, and are available in three classes denoting their strengths, Class I or Class II and Structural 1.  They can be ordered with specific faces and back veneer grades.

The three types of Plyform panels are:

  • B-B and B-C Plyform
  • HDO Plyform
  • MDO Plyform

APA’s standard, sanded exterior B-C grade plywood panels are also suitable for concrete forming when one smooth, solid face is required.

B-B and B-C Plyform
Available as
Structural 1
Class I or Class II


HDO Plyform or HDO Concrete Form
MDO Plyform or MDO Concrete Form
Standard B-C Grade Plywood

Standard sanded B-C grade plywood panels are also Exterior classification and therefore suitable for concrete forming.

  • Non-overlaid, sanded panel with one smooth surface
  • Face veneer: B grade
  • Inner plies:  C grade
  • Back:            C grade