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Class I, II and Structural I Plyform

All APA Plyform concrete form panels are Exterior classification, and are available in three classes:  Class I, Class II and Structural I.  Each can be ordered with specific faces and back grades.

Class I Plyform  requires Group 1 species of wood for its face and back veneers to provide high strength and stiffness.

Class II Plyform uses face veneers from Groups 2 or 3 faces but still provides adequate strength for most forming applications.

Structural I Plyform is made from the strongest wood, Group 1 species, with a minimum B grade for face and back veneer and C grade for the inner plies.  It is specifically designed for engineered applications where higher concrete pressures are encountered and is capable of supporting the highest loads both along and across the panel.

High Density Overlay (HDO) or a Medium Density Overlay (MDO)

High Density Overlay (HDO) and Medium Density Overlay (MDO)

All three grades are available with a High Density Overlay (HDO) or a Medium Density Overlay (MDO) on one or both faces.

MDO Plyform is a proprietary panel manufactured specially for concrete formwork.  It is a very different panel from Regular MDO or MDO General, which are intended as a surface for painting and not for use as formwork.

HDO Plyform gives a near polished concrete surface and normally produces 20 to 50 pours or more.