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Guide to ‘Sized for Spacing’

The words ‘Sized for Spacing’ are often found on APA Rated Sheathing, APA Rated Sturd-I-Floor and APA Rated Siding trademarks - indicating that the manufacturer has produced the panel to a size slightly less than the traditional nominal 2440mm (96″) by 1220mm (48″).

Plywood sheathed 2-storey dwelling

Plywood sheathed 2-storey dwelling

This is done to facilitate proper panel spacing during construction.  The use of this notation is not a manufacturing requirement but is sometimes added as a courtesy to the customer.

Spacing between ends and edges of adjacent panels helps prevent buckling due to panel expansion caused by moisture absorption.  The recommended spacing between panels is 3mm (1/8″) at both the end and edge joints, unless otherwise recommended by the manufacturer.