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APA Plywood Panel  Standards

APA plywood is manufactured to two US product standards:

  • PS 1-09 US Voluntary Product Standard, Structural Plywood
  • PS 2-10 US Voluntary Product Standard, the Performance Standard for Wood-based Structural Use Panels
APA’s Performance-Rated Panel Standard PRP 108
Plywood wall and roof sheathing 2-story dwelling

Plywood wall and roof sheathing 2-story dwelling

This APA standard is a performance standard that is very similar to US PS 2-10.  The notation on the plywood panel may therefore refer to either standard or both of them. The designation indicates the panel was manufactured to meet the standard’s performance requirements.

Performance standards do not prescribe the means of panel production.  They are make sure that the panel will satisfy the requirements for a particular end use application, similar to the performance-based approach taken by European Standards.

This online resource is a starting point to over 50 of the individual European standards, including those most relevant to US wood-based products sold in Europe.

APA’s Global Technical Support Desk

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