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US EPD for Plywood, OSB, I-Joists and LVL

The American Wood Council has produced four EPD relating to Softwood_Plywood_EPD, OSB_EPD, LVL_EPD and LVL_EPD.  Each US EPD provides a standardised Transparency Brief which summarises the most important information including:

  • composition
  • material content
  • water and energy usage

The Transparency Brief also covers the following life cycle environmental impact categories:

  • Global warming potential
  • Ozone depletion potential
  • Photochemical and ozone creation potential
  • Acidification potential
  • Eutrophication potential
  • Depletion of abiotic resource (elements and fossil fuels)

Using a standardised format like this makes it easier for users to see key product details and environmental data.